The Employment Cycle

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The employment life cycle
Recruitment Contracts & Negotiations People and Performance Management Statutory Rights Termination



At Aspire, we can tailor your job descriptions to attract great candidates, produce vacancy listings that spark the interest of your ideal candidate and liaise on your behalf with recruiters or press.

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Contracts & Negotiations

contracts and negotiations

Once you have recruited a new team member for your business, it is vital that you have the correct HR documentation in place to make sure that the agreement with your employee is clear for all parties and meets your legal requirements as an employer.

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People and Performance Management


Managing employees’ performance is a continuous process, making sure that the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the business.
Good people management should extend across all areas of your business. Recruitment, training and people development, working practices and the working environment are all areas which you should continually review to see where you can make improvements.

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Statutory Rights


Statutory rights, employee benefits, right to work and immigration procedures… 

Knowing the correct statutory rights that your employees have and ensuring that these rights are given is essential to any successful business. Aspire HR can help you with your compliance by implementing, managing and ensuring that statutory rights are consistently given to your employees during the entire employment life-cycle.

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During any organisational or structural change, redundancies and terminations are often part of the process and with such changes comes risk.

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“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.”

-Sir Richard Branson