Organisational Change




Along with our Employment Law advice and support, we can offer succession planning to ensure that you choose the correct replacements and create exit strategies in order to ensure that your organisational design is suitable.

There are many aspects of organisation change that can be overlooked when doing so internally. With an external HR consultant with the appropriate expertise, you are more likely to ensure that all bases have been covered.

Aspire HR can assist with:

Planning your business restructure. Planning your business restructure.

Identifying areas for growth or reduction. Identifying areas for growth or reduction.

Recruiting new employees at all levels. Recruiting new employees at all levels.

Managing the redundancy process. Managing the redundancy process.

Negotiating settlement agreements. Negotiating settlement agreements.

TUPE Management

Aspire Human Resources can also project manage those larger, more intense jobs such as TUPE transfers (the process of moving employees from one business to another), which can often feel like a daunting task.

We have extensive experience in managing employee transfers and we work closely with our clients to ensure the process followed is legally compliant and more importantly goes as smoothly as possible. We can support you by:

 Helping you to identify who will transfer. Helping you to identify who will transfer.

Planning and coordinating individual team consultations. Planning and coordinating individual team consultations.

Providing the required documentation. Providing the required documentation.

Planning and managing any potential redundancy situations Planning and managing any potential redundancy situations

Redundancy Management

Aspire Human Resources can give you redundancy or TUPE advice along with support to turn this difficult task into a much more manageable process from start to finish.

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