HR Compliance

One of the biggest challenges a Company comes up against is remaining legally compliant with the constantly evolving and changing world of Employment Law.

Changes in Employment Law generally happen annually, such as statutory rate amendments for example.  However, there can be changes implemented as a direct result of Tribunal rulings along with many other factors, so it can be really difficult to keep on top of these changes whilst you are busy running your business.

These changes can affect your policies, procedures and documentation, as well as day-to-day responsibilities.

Aspire Human Resources are here to help your business to follow the working standards set out by UK employment law and we can support you in the following areas:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Staff Handbook
  • Dismissal Procedures
  • Sickness Absence
  • Lateness/Absence Policies
  • Working Time Regulations
  • Holiday Entitlement and Calculations
  • Family Friendly Policies, Maternity, Paternity, etc
  • Flexible Working
  • Company Restructure
  • Redundancy
  • TUPE
  • Employee Engagement
  • National Living Wage
  • National Minimum Wage
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Gangmasters and (GLAA)
  • Age Discrimination
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • HR Training
  • Job retention scheme (Furlough)

Prevention is Better than Cure – The Three C’s

  • Clear communication between management and your people to ease the pain and minimise operational disruption is vital.
  • Full and meaningful consultation ensures you keep your people engaged and prepares the way forward.
  • Legal compliance is essential for employers to ensure they comply with the law to avoid tribunal claims and hefty fines.

Not sure if you are compliant?

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People often ask us…

  • What is the National Living wage?
  • What is Statutory Sick Pay?
  • How much is Statutory Maternity, Paternity, Adoption Pay?
  • What is the Minimum Wage
  • What is the National Living Wage?

We have all the answers and a great deal more information which may be useful to you, give us a call now on 0121 445 6178 … and relax